“Octopus City”

Octopus City

Walkin underwater

i’ve known the sun

i’ve known the shade

now I’m watching tv,

And i’ll wonder

If they could ever really see me
I’ve gotta make it grow
Gotta steer my Soul!

smack you in the face with your Receiver
make you a believer


Now we’re  Talkin.


Officer Buckley Brown
Was the only sheriff in town

to stop a band of rage’n Cajun ountryside clowns



RackRabble ……….Dibble Dabble … BiBBle Babble….. Skkkeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrp


rock -a-by billy
now things are getting kinda silly.

so i’ll just skip to the end
Talk to the water about how I can transcend….


i’ll watch the sun peak through
as often as I want too.

Published by Christopher cannon


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