“World Music”

I need the ocean,
I need the rocks,
I need the new people constantly.
I need back three of my four favorite socks..





Hi, Just here Listening to “Root Swahili” here in Ohio..

If you had a few minutes  I wanted to recap/explain my-self..


So my main motivation to go to Italy in the first place would have been a combination of social distortion, and a terrible lack of exposure artistically/creatively/professionally..

I was studying Radio and Television in Indiana for about 5 and a half years, taking a semester off in 2014 and again in 2015.

With the deaths of Three of my Grandparents in a three year period on my mind, dealing with my “Social self” had quickly become a challenge..

I justified this to many more sober people by pointing out the “ills” of the world/ people today.

I read books that were too heavy, I was confused and felt like I had nobody to ask these questions..

While I stumbled along barely keeping myself out of Jail.

Barely keeping myself sane.

I simply “was my own worst enemy” as they say..

I need the ocean, I need the rocks, I need the new people constantly.

I need back three of my four favorite socks..


And still.


But thank God for the many people around me, the dog I stole from Barron, and many motivators in music/art/school..

They guide me still and I am sorry for my foolish behavior, but I just seem to enjoy Fooling around..

(End Justification Segment)

(Begin Music Recap/ Explanation)

Shooom!! Beeewwwowowowowoow…. ploooop!

So I Had started making music in Logic Pro x Before I left in March.

After “Antarā”  I realized that It was way bigger than me, and that I should keep motivating myself by making music like this,,

Most of the other music I have been making is abstract soundscapes/and Introductions for Tv Shows.. , in so many words..

My hope to work with people more senior to me in this Television Paradigm is still a well fueled fire burning inside me.. one of my main goal(s). Besides sharing joy/humor, being healthy and Being with Krishna/Jesus/Nature. (These often contradict)

I can not animate, so thats why I was doing these weirder songs, I was and still am hoping to go back and use them For animated bits/Tv shows..

Thats the theme of “”Indiana Buckley”” by the way.. I’ll explain that in a few days with another post..

But as I got more comfortable and tried to teach myself how To work Logic Pro x

I started to get “The Wiggles”..

First In Napoli: I was working on “Logibol” and using that music for short videos basically at the same time, with both programs open at the same time,, lol I know this is not best, but I am not the best.

anyways ..

Open Mango

I was shown around by my friend Allyson and met a few other new friends, saw some bello bop..etc..

A Garibaldi Intro

(Trees)In Napoli


Redman In Logibol

All were made In Italy, as well as:

As It was(Video)

(Tunis Self)


At this point I had made the trip to Africa, With the “Logibol” music finished, I was ready to Work on African/American mashups.. Music.. Video work.. Root Swahili.. My expectations of this culture/part of North Africa were a bit off..

As it was.. lol

Tunis self

Tunis Self(Intro)– Didn’t turn out as Is should due to a mysterious encounter on my computer resulting in vanishing files.. oh well..

(just gotta shake your fist and be on your way..)

Street View

Then In Tunis I met Tarek

and we spoke and went fishing.. I have blogged about Tarek story before.

Tareks Dream

Roof Talk

After meeting Oumayma and Aya I was able to work on a project for Aya’s University, A cancer awareness advertisement, noted that the youtube version of this is not actually the final one that she used for her project. But I was really excited about this one because I was able to include my host Seif and his Young daughter, both very awesome people..

Aya’s Project

also I had fun with this one because It was the first short video where I made the music for the video before the video, which I normally do the opposite..

As I headed back, I was so motivated by the Vocals/Thoughtfulness of Björk and Edward Murrow, That I got The wiggles again on the Ferry..


The Younger

and finally as I got back to Ohio I was able to finish the “Root Swahili” album and start on another??


have a great day!!


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