Ziongita, or maybe just an animal rescue..

Day two: 

I busted open my head next to my eye last night when I thought a spider had landed on my back as I was eating. It was only fly..  Nevertheless my irrational fear of these tiny arachnids brought out some blood on my first night. Maybe if I wasn’t eating on the bed, Maybe if the ledge behind me was just three inches lower, then I would have just flopped around and got the little guy off, and zoop been back to my noodles.. But no, now I am convinced, it is bad juju to sleep in a mirror like issi said.

She has a flute.. She told me last night.

Native American pipes, But I have never played in front of a nice lady such as this..

No I have only played to annoy my friends, or in an intoxicated interruption from these damn ants..  It’s no subway out here if I do something goofy I have to see her and live with it every day for the next few months. 

(I wonder how Matthew is out in Cali?)  

(There are so many people that I feel like I know, In love with their story, I wonder if these trees have brought him the news, Relativity & confuse) Not fake news, unjust).  It’s just; this is nice.


Can you find the little purple chair?? 

Published by Christopher cannon


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