Ziongita, or maybe just an animal rescue..

Day One:

…Amazing, the Greenery towers as I travel further into the Everglades. I feel like I’m getting more and more truth. As the bearded faces of each tree passes… Their palmy excellence reveal you to me as I pass. Each one of you.. No wood could stack itself circumferentially around trees like this, at the base? Someone must care..

She tries to catch a smile in between shear and discomforted glares from the zoom callers.. I mean passing pilots.. Drivers… (Oh my god)

(your car pulls me in) Where I’ve been?  & from where I’ve grown??) are another didgeridoo all together)

.. I’m thinking:

(It is further away from Naples than I had hoped) 

I pull up to issi’s estate and dial her phone, only to have my phone die after a short ring or two.

 (At least I’ve made it, Wow this is a weird gate) Broken)

Now she appears from behind some thick and overgrown foliage.

She seems almost familiar in this natural way to me. (A business woman/ caretaker from the Caribbean, who has spent time in Silicon Valley.. but her husband does the taxes; I would later find out, as we chit chat and tend to some wounded chickens and ducks..)

(Thank god!! I can trust another person in this world) .. I thought to myself as she approaches me..

“My phone died” I said

“I know” she replied 

.. “Christopher welcome home”


We open the gate and I take my moms car to the drive on the left… An empty guest house appears behind the growth and life which is thriving in the center of the front yard. The rest of our evening would be spent cleaning and preparation/feeding chickens..

(Again, I’m learning) These trees are exposing me for who I am…) These creatures have a desired element of unpredictability) I do feel at home.)

(These ducks and chickens are having intelligent conversation about our president, social dissonance, Michael, Madea, and the corruption in our democratic state.) 

(Krishna pulls a cover down; Celeste to azure: now indigo before I notice that I am cold)..

  The earth.. 

 That spot me..

I’m home..

There are ants in my pants. ..

Published by Christopher cannon


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