Day Two

Day two: 

I busted open my head next to my eye last night when I thought a spider had landed on my back as I was eating. It was only fly..  Nevertheless my irrational fear of these tiny arachnids brought out some blood on my first night. Maybe if I wasn’t eating on the bed, Maybe if the ledge behind me was just three inches lower, then I would have just flopped around and got the little guy off, and zoop been back to my noodles.. But no, now I am convinced, it is bad juju to sleep in a mirror like issi said.

She has a flute.. She told me last night.

Native American pipes, But I have never played in front of a nice lady such as this..

No I have only played to annoy my friends, or in an intoxicated interruption from these damn ants..  It’s no subway out here if I do something goofy I have to see her and live with it every day for the next few months. 

(I wonder how Matthew is out in Cali?)  

(There are so many people that I feel like I know, In love with their story, I wonder if these trees have brought him the news, relativity & confuse) Not fake news, unjust).  It’s just; this is nice.


Can you find the little purple chair?? 

The morning started off normally; well, nearly as well as scheduled..

Other than a missing raccoon named Coonzimba, our morning went by nicely.


We decided to go out for dinner. Halloween was Jerrys birthday but he had not been back since the weekend and Issi wanted to take him out.

Issi had spent most of the day watching or waiting for Coonzimba to come down from his tree. He had escaped the main house during the night, but would surely die or kill something else out here with the others/ exposed to predators. Thats not ok with Issi.

She had ingeniously used old baby monitors to make sure she knew when he was coming down from the tall tree that he had climbed. 

This was possible because he had a bell around his neck, so instead of her having to sit around watching for his next move on the ground, she had to only listen for a jingle and hustle over and across the entanglement of love and weeds..

Jerry had some trouble getting organized and making it to the homeless shelter after work last night. I cant help but overhear whats going on with the man, 60-65 or so he’s on a speaker phone with Issi as we clean up the coops..  I wasn’t feeling so easy about it before I met him in the flesh. But later at dinner he made me laugh pretty good, he said “they got us tagged like fish” referring to his experiences with the christian based/funded community housing that was his alternative residence for now. “Cameras on us and everything..” He had a run in with his ex-wife and maybe or maybe not ended up staying there, I am assuming/ investigating the possibility. Anyway we were anticipating his arrival last night and it was good to have him return and meet him here.

 I had him confused with “Samuel” the genius who decided to bring a mouse in the guest house the week prior to his departure, only to lose it the same day he moves out.

Ehh theres a-lot going on here, Humans..

Anyways I get to the end of the day lastly I feed Samantha; a chicken all twisted up, like nothing that I’ve ever seen before. So terrible. 

I get to wait and talk about a few things with Jerry alone while Issi tidies up and changes for dinner. 

Fell to the floor.

Bounced off the glass.

Motivated by_ _ _ _?



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