Kids on Monday

When  I was a kid I decided to write the word Flow on my arm. Mainly to look cool. Partially to never forget about the places I’ve seen and things that I have been able to do with my time here on earth. I need a constant reminder of the impermanence of it all. May God, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Allan watts, Carl Sagan, Stephen hawking, Albert Pike, Isaac Newton , Leonardo Di Vinchi, and Leonardo Di Caprio inspire and direct you as they have done so for me.


Chagall, Terry Gilliam, Robbin Williams, Woody Allen, Heath ledger, Banksy, Jim Carey, Tim Burton, Pink Floyd, The Electric Light Orchestra, Twenty One Pilots, Bonobo, Phaeleh and many others have kept me inspired artistically and personally.


I have peaceful schizophrenia

I used to be 11 years old.

I can shoot a lazer out into space.



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 What can you do??