I thought this was hilarious, I stopped putting pressure on myself so much because Im supposed to be having fun with Making music..

Chinese sounds with American Hype!!

I also want to apologize for my Newsfeed on here, somehow facebook has become important to me, maybe Its just because Im not on twitter anymore..
But I know as the Political season heats up I am losing some of your attention, It will be really just Music/Bernie Sanders/and space or discovery related posts from here on out..

2000$ reward for the capture of Red Man Robbin

2000$ reward for the capture of Red Man Robbin

New Playlist/Soundcloud Album

Penn Sound/Soundcloud

This was fun/ new music

New style here (Meditation)

My Eagle

20180506_154157My Eagle

Red Man Gospel on YouTube

New Video Promoting my next self Published Album!

Third Party



Music related thoughts:
It’z nice having this for you, but the goal is to get these songs to you..
Just a little update on Spotify, I have not checked much else..
Spotify monthly listeners for this first month of “Hidden Features” = 126 Followers=23
where people are listening= Helsinki, FI , Stockholm, SE , Lima, PE, Hamburg, DE, Istanbul, TR..
(But I am still waiting on Stem/Hf.2, Hf.3/Yuktah/Mustache Men )
which should be in Itunes/online stores and spotify/pandora soon..
What else?
run away!