Look back #473

  My friend Landon is great at entertaining me and keeping me challenged musically/intellectually. Jared was distant but a friend. I could talk to Jared.. we did a lot together growing up in and out of school.. We were in the same halls, with the same kids, adults, cameras. Jonathan Bree is on the musicContinue reading “Look back #473”

“Angels” A recent Version

Angels  I’ll sink slowly not knowing how my mind with you here got spent. C3-carved, copied ,pasted, painted, posted, plastered in order to prevent.. these were the only words I didn’t have now? these words with you, these words with DR. May be the words that I missed..  not with you now? Not still butContinue reading ““Angels” A recent Version”

Third Party

Stop this!! do not be afraid of yourself.. try to re-learn to love your self..

File photo – an unarmed AGM-86B Air-Launched Cruise Missile is released from a B-52H Stratofortress over the Utah Test and Training Range during a Nuclear Weapons System Evaluation Program sortie Sept. 22, 2014. (File photo by Staff Sgt. Roidan Carlson) U.S. Air Force weapons developers are working with industry to pursue early prototypes of a… viaContinue reading “Stop this!! do not be afraid of yourself.. try to re-learn to love your self..”