Tareks Dream

So I need to get a email list going, Can anyone help?


Major news network affiliates

celebrity activists

Politicians/ government officials…


Here is the story..

((Hello, I am Christopher. I am a twenty four year old student of radio and television, from Evansville Indiana, I studied At USI, and am currently visiting Tunis, Tunisia.. I have organized several social media accounts, Instagram/Youtube/Adobe/Wordpress etc.. and a blog attempting to stay active and pursue my passion for radio and television. I am making original videos and music here and on my journey I came across a rather spirited individual named Tarek. Tarek loves listening to hip-hop, fishing, among many other things.. Like many Tunisian Natives..
Tupac, Biggie, Snoop Dog, Fifty-Cent were some of the examples that he listed off to me as we rode through the chaotic streets of Tunis city center.. He is twenty four years old and got married to an American named Kelly last year..
Kelly Lives in Baltimore currently and the two video chat nearly every day.. He told me how they met online and talked so much the first few weeks, they knew that they had to meet.. She soon came to visit him in Tunis for a few days at first and then returned again for three months. Then they decided to get married! Spontaneously they decided to get married in Tunis, and visited many places here in his country of Tunisia in the short amount of time that they were together.

Tarek applied for his visa nearly five months ago to date.. And as we drive to a nice spit to cast our fishing lines out, he explains to me how much happier he would be visiting his wife Kelly in Baltimore..

Can you help him?)))

Also…New video:


Toto I’m sorry



Like it’s gonna work anytime soon..

Bottom Line Micah

Being Bored

In the next few weeks I’m forecasting that there will be a rise in confusion and misinformation. For some.

All In wake of the “FTC investigating facebook for the recent Cambridge Analytica”

Also the change in regulations by the FCC concerning Net Neutrality, in December of 2017.

It certinly gives much more regulatory power to the private telecommunication/social media/Commercial entities/ Companys .. “PEOPLE Involved in these Private Organizations.”…

This Is something of significance because a lot of people are high on the social media self.. Distracted now and may not care enough to share certain stuff. Ormaybe some people simply arent worth a second look.. “Unfriended’?..
But this is your power, Your Information, Your Light!
I’m now asking you to consider the ways that your supporting your local artist.. ?
To me?

Music- Antarā, Logibol, Redman
Art- Concerning Indiana, Untitled Rooms
Poetry – Disturbia (Available Soon) Maybe)
Painting- Barron’s Painting
Drawing- Reggie’s (An Undone Man), Lé Mondé Mystery

Video Editing- Last project will be posted by sunday.. “Redman”

Being Bored

I’m now reassuring YOU; that I am trying to make a broadcasting company, a television network, a show, a movie, a song, a documentary about the abandon building down the street from your house that has sat right there empty for years because “the Bank owns it” I’m here to tell you that it’s just a few new suits away from becoming an art studio/safe haven for young adults anywhere & everywhere.

High Yah!

You see we can use love and flow to strengthen our communal bonds no matter how many likes you get. We all need new faces, new places, new sources of inspiration, and love.. but I’ve been struggling to make more than half of the stuff that I project to be free from the self, or at least challenging to my “Self”..
To you..
But watch this video and use it as a weapon if you must. It does well to explain to you just exactly what you need to be explained right now. (Maybe) I don’t personally know the artist/creator of this video, Micah Buzan. (I would like to) seems pretty alright. We should be paying this guy.. lol

Being Bored


Stay real.

Chant more.

and/or Free weezy.

Tedx Evansville

I think It happened again..



“Octopus City”

Octopus City

Walkin underwater

i’ve known the sun

i’ve known the shade

now I’m watching tv,

And i’ll wonder

If they could ever really see me
I’ve gotta make it grow
Gotta steer my Soul!

smack you in the face with your Receiver
make you a believer


Now we’re  Talkin.


Officer Buckley Brown
Was the only sheriff in town

to stop a band of rage’n Cajun ountryside clowns



RackRabble ……….Dibble Dabble … BiBBle Babble….. Skkkeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrp


rock -a-by billy
now things are getting kinda silly.

so i’ll just skip to the end
Talk to the water about how I can transcend….


i’ll watch the sun peak through
as often as I want too.