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I thought this was hilarious, I stopped putting pressure on myself so much because Im supposed to be having fun with Making music..

Chinese sounds with American Hype!!

I also want to apologize for my Newsfeed on here, somehow facebook has become important to me, maybe Its just because Im not on twitter anymore..
But I know as the Political season heats up I am losing some of your attention, It will be really just Music/Bernie Sanders/and space or discovery related posts from here on out..

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New style here (Meditation)

Red Man Gospel on YouTube

Third Party

Stop this!! do not be afraid of yourself.. try to re-learn to love your self..

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less bugs

Selma’s Airbnb

Selma Mohammed (Airbnb)

Seif, Selma, Imen Mohammed and their lovely daughter turned out to be the highlight of my trip.. their link is here: ((

My trip to Tunis, Tunisia was not expected or planned out particularly well.. One evening In a crunch I sent out several messages on Airbnb. Concerned for my feet, head and belly in the coming night it was not looking too good..

Sure enough as I walk around the city center of Tunis with A new friend I receive my call from Seif. He asks me If I am alright and when he should be expecting me. In the following weeks I would experience this family, and their uniquely Arabic hospitality unlike anything that had yet to experience. His mother was particularly sweet and generous, she taught me several words/phrases in arabic and french (Being American.. and Extremely English, this was a great social experience. As well as a great opportunity to learn new language and traditions.

Located in Le Kram, with three open beds and a large common/living room It seems like these Tunisian Natives have been catering to the community for longer than I have been alive perhaps.

So now that I have met them and seen what they are about, I would recommend them to you as a friend and a host. If you are looking for a place to explore Tunis has a ice cross between African, Arabic, French and Italian cultures. I personally only got as far as Sousse, But I hope to go back and visit them again Seif has told me of an Uncle that lived closer to where they filmed Star Wars.

Selma and Seif also have family deeper into Tunisia..  Douz was also an option for travel/ touring. Seif told me several times that they regularly go to visit, and that it as rather spectacular!!Se;



Christopher Cannon

(Plan A)

My decision to go to Italy was based out of fear and a sense of being smothered and overlooked creatively and artistically here in America..

My goal was to meet creative people in Europe and hopefully set something up in order to stay longer, move further east quickly and/or possibly work on a project with new friends to be.. I wanted to learn about Italian culture and see myself through this social challenge.


March Third I left for Napoli to meet my friend Allyson. My only plan(s) were to be safe, meditate/chant, make music/art/videos and prepare myself for the financial burden/ wave of negativity that would ensue upon my return to Ohio.

My main motivation for success would have been the abundance of nice/peaceful people that I had met the year prior on my journey to Copenhagen and an unexpected stay in a temple with Hare Krishna Monks/Devotees.. Now knowing that I am disturbed just enough for this to work a second time, I found my ground around midnight on a Saturday in Napoli..

Several weeks were spent doing the deed, trying to succeed, all that junk.

I was able to visit northern Italy, Parma. As well as Ischia, an Island near Naples.

Among other places, I met new friends.

After about three or four weeks I was told of a change in plans so I needed to get another place to stay for a little while.

I quickly chose Africa.


The ferry ride provided by Grimaldi Lines out of Salerno, Italy thankfully turned out to be a beautiful choice.

They were successfully running a ferry nearly every day back and fourth through Italy, Sicily and Tunis. Very beautiful.

Airbnb was helpful in helping me find places to stay by connecting me easily and providing messaging options and other information. The first few nights I met a man named Mohammed who had a lovely place in bardo. I had a walk around for the first few days, just exploring and trying to find a way to finish up a series of songs that I had been working on in Italy. So now I was ready to switch to more Journalistic/activism themed videos. I have obviously been acquainted with the tension between the Muslim oriented countries and that of America and some of Europe before I had left. It seems that spirit had taken the wheel so to speak here, and thankfully so..

(New Friends/Spirit)

Mohameds place was nice but rather pricey to finish out the next few weeks which I have now committed myself to being spent in Africa. In a bit of a crunch I decided to talk to more people as I looked for another place less expensive on Airbnb. After a few hours I was contacted by a man named Seif by telephone. I can’t remember at this point weather he met me the first time, or If one of my new friends Oumayma helped direct me to his place. Mainly because; now two months later, I have so many memories of how this lovely man has helped me figure out/shown me around Tunisia.

Seif, Selma, Imen and their lovely daughter turned out to be the highlight of my trip here..

I will explain more and provide the link to their Airbnb page in. Another blog shortly. His mother was particularly sweet and generous, she taught me several words/phrases in arabic/french and even took me out to see a small gathering of activists in the city one morning.. It was just so reassuring to have people like this available to share and teach me things of the Spirit.

Because of this turn of events and Seifs invitation to stay for an extended length I was able to get more music made fast, as well as make two of my most significant/ spiritually fulfilling videos to date; Tarek’s dream & Aya’s Project. I really enjoyed conversations with Seif and we visited Sisi bousaid a few times. Beautiful.

However Nothing lasts forever, lol. maybe.. but as it turns out theres more of Tunisia to be found to the Southeast! Going to visit my friends Aya and Oumayma’s family in Monastir for a few days and then quickly staying in Sousse with another artist/motivated person..

I was able to visit the beach a day or two, and spend more time with familiar talk of freelance service marketing and startup “unicorn” companies..

But after a few more days of video editing in Sousse, I cut my trip short.

Not before a quick visit back to Italy and a glimpse of Pompeii where I found some more motivation..

“World Music”

I need the ocean,
I need the rocks,
I need the new people constantly.
I need back three of my four favorite socks..





Hi, Just here Listening to “Root Swahili” here in Ohio..

If you had a few minutes  I wanted to recap/explain my-self..


So my main motivation to go to Italy in the first place would have been a combination of social distortion, and a terrible lack of exposure artistically/creatively/professionally..

I was studying Radio and Television in Indiana for about 5 and a half years, taking a semester off in 2014 and again in 2015.

With the deaths of Three of my Grandparents in a three year period on my mind, dealing with my “Social self” had quickly become a challenge..

I justified this to many more sober people by pointing out the “ills” of the world/ people today.

I read books that were too heavy, I was confused and felt like I had nobody to ask these questions..

While I stumbled along barely keeping myself out of Jail.

Barely keeping myself sane.

I simply “was my own worst enemy” as they say..

I need the ocean, I need the rocks, I need the new people constantly.

I need back three of my four favorite socks..


And still.


But thank God for the many people around me, the dog I stole from Barron, and many motivators in music/art/school..

They guide me still and I am sorry for my foolish behavior, but I just seem to enjoy Fooling around..

(End Justification Segment)

(Begin Music Recap/ Explanation)

Shooom!! Beeewwwowowowowoow…. ploooop!

So I Had started making music in Logic Pro x Before I left in March.

After “Antarā”  I realized that It was way bigger than me, and that I should keep motivating myself by making music like this,,

Most of the other music I have been making is abstract soundscapes/and Introductions for Tv Shows.. , in so many words..

My hope to work with people more senior to me in this Television Paradigm is still a well fueled fire burning inside me.. one of my main goal(s). Besides sharing joy/humor, being healthy and Being with Krishna/Jesus/Nature. (These often contradict)

I can not animate, so thats why I was doing these weirder songs, I was and still am hoping to go back and use them For animated bits/Tv shows..

Thats the theme of “”Indiana Buckley”” by the way.. I’ll explain that in a few days with another post..

But as I got more comfortable and tried to teach myself how To work Logic Pro x

I started to get “The Wiggles”..

First In Napoli: I was working on “Logibol” and using that music for short videos basically at the same time, with both programs open at the same time,, lol I know this is not best, but I am not the best.

anyways ..

Open Mango

I was shown around by my friend Allyson and met a few other new friends, saw some bello bop..etc..

A Garibaldi Intro

(Trees)In Napoli


Redman In Logibol

All were made In Italy, as well as:

As It was(Video)

(Tunis Self)


At this point I had made the trip to Africa, With the “Logibol” music finished, I was ready to Work on African/American mashups.. Music.. Video work.. Root Swahili.. My expectations of this culture/part of North Africa were a bit off..

As it was.. lol

Tunis self

Tunis Self(Intro)– Didn’t turn out as Is should due to a mysterious encounter on my computer resulting in vanishing files.. oh well..

(just gotta shake your fist and be on your way..)

Street View

Then In Tunis I met Tarek

and we spoke and went fishing.. I have blogged about Tarek story before.

Tareks Dream

Roof Talk

After meeting Oumayma and Aya I was able to work on a project for Aya’s University, A cancer awareness advertisement, noted that the youtube version of this is not actually the final one that she used for her project. But I was really excited about this one because I was able to include my host Seif and his Young daughter, both very awesome people..

Aya’s Project

also I had fun with this one because It was the first short video where I made the music for the video before the video, which I normally do the opposite..

As I headed back, I was so motivated by the Vocals/Thoughtfulness of Björk and Edward Murrow, That I got The wiggles again on the Ferry..


The Younger

and finally as I got back to Ohio I was able to finish the “Root Swahili” album and start on another??


have a great day!!




kupigana au kukimbia?
si sawa au haki?
mchana au usiku?
giza au mkali?
kushoto au kulia?

Kwa Christopher Cannon

Jumatatu, Mei 7, 2018

5,10,25,50,100 ..


(Nitakufungua hapa tena.Siwezi kushiriki hadithi yangu juu ya mada hii bila kupata mtu binafsi .. Kushiriki uzoefu au maoni na madawa yoyote, Je, ni kitendo cha kibinafsi .. Kama inavyoonekana kwangu, ulimwengu wa kibinafsi , ndani au nje ..?)

Nilipokuwa katika daraja la kwanza mwalimu wangu alileta kamera ya video kwenye darasa siku moja. Weka juu ya upande wa kulia wa watoto wote, na kisha uingie ndani yangu.

Tuliambiwa kuwa tutaenda kwenye TV, na kwamba tunapaswa kuendelea tu kama sisi kawaida kufanya .. Ilikuwa baadaye kwamba mimi kujifunza kwamba; Hapana, hatukufanya TV Show, lakini tulijifunza na “Daktari wa Dawa”.

Na sasa ninajua kwamba Daktari huyo aliitwa ili anifunde.

Baada ya kuangalia Footage yangu mwenyewe na Daktari, wazazi wangu, na mwalimu wangu; ni wazi kwamba nilipenda kuwa kijamii, hata kwa kudharau mamlaka ya mwingine ..

Juma lililofuata niliambiwa jinsi ninavyo shida ya tahadhari. Jinsi hii imesababisha kutumia tabia mbaya na kushauri kwamba itakuwa bora kwangu Kuanzisha “Pill Magic” iitwayo Ritalin ambayo hivi karibuni itakuwa wote kwa kawaida “Adderall, ili kunipunguza kidogo ..

Fomu hii ya Amphetamine inafanya kazi kwa homoni muhimu “epinephrine”, na matokeo yake huathiri sehemu nyingine nyingi za mwili: ubongo, moyo, mfumo wa neva, tumbo, shinikizo la damu. Wazo la kuweka hii katika mwili wa mtoto wa umri wa miaka sita sio ujinga tu, lakini kutafakari kwa kawaida ya hali ambayo dawa za magharibi na jamii imeanzishwa kwenye paji la wanaume na wanawake wa kawaida.

“Wengine ni historia” au hivyo wanasema. Nimekuja hapa ambapo mimi leo, Njia yangu mwenyewe, na bado ninawapenda, lakini nadhani tunajua sasa kuwa Daktari hakuwa na makosa .. Schizophrenia inayofuata katika uzima wa kijana inaweza tu kuwa bi-bidhaa ya “mgogoro wangu wa binafsi”.

Upungufu wa kijinsia, tabia ya kuchukua hatari, hisia au tabia za kulevya zinaweza kuendelezwa kwa mtu yeyote, hakika, lakini ushawishi wa madawa ya kulevya katika akili zinazoendelea vijana hakika huongeza mwelekeo wa hii.

Inaathiri juu ya ubongo wangu na kijamii, haja ya kuelezea na kufanya shida baadaye, ilikuwa ni muhimu kwa kuzalishwa kwa kemikali hii kuanzishwa kwa kuwa yangu mapema, Kwa ujumla. Uharibifu huu wa kijamii na bahati mbaya ambayo nimeyasema juu ya hapo awali katika chuo chache cha chuo kikuu hawezi kuepukika na kudai polarity. Bahati kwa wengine, mbinguni kwa wengine, lakini wakati mwingine tunaweza kuingia katikati ..

Lakini sasa ninapitia baharini ya Tyrrhenian, karibu na Channel ya Sicilian na kivuko kilichojaa Tunisian ya Kiarabu, Kiitaliano, Kifaransa, Kiingereza ya Kiafrika na watu wa Asia, nimekuwa na ufahamu wangu, Uelewa wangu, na kukubaliwa kwa yote haya. Kila ni upendo, yote ni vizuri.

Ambapo mimi sasa nadhani itakuwa muhimu si kufikiri nini-Kama. Utoaji ni muhimu, Lakini ninaandika hii kwa ajili yako, kwa watoto wako, na kwa Madaktari, walimu ambao hawawezi kuelewa ..

Dawa hii inathiri jinsi unavyofanya maamuzi, mifumo yako ya kukabiliana na “kupigana au kukimbia”, uwezo wako wa kujihusisha kawaida wakati wako wa juu shuleni, hamu yako na hata kumbukumbu .. Yote ya orodha hizi ni muhimu sana kuweka usafi / ustadi na usalama katika mfumo wa kijamii unaojulikana na kuletwa kwa watoto / vijana wazima ..

Sasa ninaweza kutambua maeneo katika maisha yangu kuwa dawa hizi za miguu bado zipo, baadhi ya maeneo bora zaidi. Wakati ninapokwisha kipaza sauti au kusimama mbele ya umati .. Wakati ninakula chakula, ninaposoma kitabu. Ninapopiga karatasi, na wakati ninapojaribu kukupigia simu .. Ninapoamua kuzungumza, au kushikilia ulimi wangu.

Kwa namna hiyo ninafukuza mkia wangu sasa, kwa kuwa mimi hakika nikapita sehemu ya maisha yangu ambayo mimi ni “Shit kidogo” kwa ujuzi.

Sasa najua kuwa nina nafasi ya kuunda, kijamii.

Nilipiga paka juu ya kuweka wakati mmoja, sio wa Mungu ..

Lakini kumbukumbu hizi za ajabu na za mbali kwangu ni msukumo, motisha kwa pumzi, msukumo wa kuona, msukumo wa kuamka na ngoma, hali ya hewa au sio na suruali za Khaki.

Hii ni madawa ya kijamii, na kama Marekani lazima nijulishe kwamba sisi ni changamoto ya kijamii .. Na sasa kwamba nimesoma na kusahau sehemu isitoshe ya vitabu nzima ninaweza kuwaambia kwa kusema kwamba polarity hata ni udanganyifu na jamaa. Kuna njia ya kati ambayo sisi wote tunapaswa kujitahidi na kujipata wasiwasi kidogo.

Hare Krishna

-Kwa upendo na Chris

kupigana au kukimbia?
si sawa au haki?
mchana au usiku?
giza au mkali?
kushoto au kulia?
Nyeusi au nyeupe?


Kæmp eller flygt?
forkert eller rigtigt?
dag eller nat?
mørkt eller lyst?
venstre eller højre?


Af Christopher Cannon

Mandag den 7. maj 2018

5,10,25,50,100 ..


(Jeg kommer til at åbne her igen. Jeg kan ikke dele min historie om dette emne uden at blive lidt personlig. Deling af en oplevelse eller mening med ethvert stof, Er en interpersonel handling. Som det forekommer mig en personlig verden , indre eller ydre ..?)

Da jeg var i første klasse bragte min lærer et videokamera i klassen en dag. Sæt det op på højre side af alle børnene, og så zoomet ind på mig.

Vi fik at vide, at vi skulle være på tv, og at vi bare skulle fortsætte som vi normalt gør. Det var senere, at jeg lærte det; nej, vi lavede ikke et tv-show, men blev studeret af en “doktor i medicin”.

Og jeg ved nu, at doktoren blev indkaldt til at studere mig.

Efter at have set filmens egen optagelse med doktoren, mine forældre og min lærer; det blev klart, at jeg kunne lide at være social, selv foragtet af en anden myndighed.

Den følgende uge blev jeg informeret om, hvordan jeg har en opmærksomhedsunderskud. Hvordan dette fik mig til at ty til hyperaktiv adfærd og rådgav, at det ville være bedst for mig at introducere en “Magic Pill” kaldet Ritalin, som snart ville blive alt til fælles “Adderall, for at berolige mig lidt.

Denne form for amfetamin er manipulerende for et vigtigt hormon “epinephrin”, og som følge heraf påvirker mange andre dele af kroppen: hjerne, hjerte, nervesystem, mave, blodtryk. Ideen om at sætte dette ind i et seksårigt barns legeme er ikke kun latterligt, men en klassisk afspejling af den stat, hvor vestlig medicin og samfund er grundlagt på panden hos normale, falske mænd og kvinder.

“Resten er historie” eller så siger de. Jeg kom her, hvor jeg er i dag, min egen forbandede måde, og jeg elsker dig stadig, men jeg tror vi ved nu, at doktoren var forkert. Den efterfølgende skizofreni i ung voksenliv kan kun være en biprodukt af min “krise af selv”.

Seksuel afvigelse, risikovillig adfærd, sensationaliserende eller vanedannende vaner kan udvikle sig i alle, selvfølgelig, men indflydelsen af ​​dette lægemiddel i unge udviklende sind indgår mest sandsynligt i odds af dette.

Virkningerne på min hjerne og det sociale væsen, behovet for at udtrykke og gøre problemer senere, var et nødvendigt biprodukt af denne kemikalie introduktion til at være så tidligt, delvist. Denne sociale forvrængning og ego ulykke, som jeg tidligere har talt om i nogle af mine collegeudbrud, er uundgåelig og kræver polaritet. Uheldigvis for nogle, himlen for andre, men til tider kan vi lande i midten ..

Men nu som jeg sejler over det tyrrhenske hav, nærmer jeg den sicilianske kanal med en færge fuld af tunisiske Aribic, italienske, franske, engelske afrikanske og asiatiske mennesker, jeg har haft min erkendelse, min forståelse og min accept af alt dette. . Alt er kærlighed, alt er godt.

Hvor jeg er nu, synes jeg det ville være vigtigt ikke at forestille mig hvad-hvis er. Tålmodighed er nøglen, men jeg skriver dette for dig, for dine børn og for lægerne, de lærere, som måske ikke forstår ..

Dette lægemiddel påvirker, hvordan du træffer beslutninger, dine “kamp eller fly” -responssystemer, din evne til at socialisere normalt, når du er høj på skolen, din appetit og jævn hukommelse. Alle disse listede er så vigtige for at holde hygiejne / rationalitet og sikkerhed i et socialt system kendt og introduceret til børn / unge voksne ..

Jeg kan nu identificere steder i mit liv, at dette lægemiddeludtryk stadig er til stede, nogle af de bedste steder. Når jeg henter en mikrofon eller står foran en skare. Når jeg spiser mad, når jeg læser en bog. Når jeg skriver et papir, og når jeg forsøger at rimme for dig .. Når jeg beslutter at tale, eller hold min tunge.

På en måde jager jeg nu min hale, idet jeg er helt sikkert forbi den del af mit liv, hvor jeg bevidst er “en lille skit”.

Jeg ved nu, at jeg har noget grundlag at gøre op, socialt.

Jeg kastede en kat over en swing-set en gang ,, ikke så guddommelig ..

Men disse underlige og fjerne minder til mig er motivation, åndedræt, motivation til at se, motivation til at stå op og danse, vejr eller ej, jeg har på Khaki Pants.

Dette er et socialt stof, og som amerikansk må jeg oplyse dig om, at vi er socialt udfordrede. Og nu hvor jeg har læst og glemt utallige dele af hele bøger, kan jeg tillade mig at sige, at polariteten selv er illusiv og relativ. Der er en middelvej, som vi alle bør stræbe efter og finde os lidt ubehagelige i.

Hare Krishna

-Men elsker Chris

Kæmp eller flygt?
forkert eller rigtigt?
dag eller nat?
mørkt eller lyst?
venstre eller højre?
Sort eller hvid?


se battre ou s’enfuire?
faux ou juste?
jour ou nuit?
sombre ou lumineux?
gauche ou droite?


Par Christopher Cannon

Lundi 7 mai 2018

5,10,25,50,100 ..


(Je vais m’ouvrir à nouveau ici, je ne peux pas partager mon histoire sur ce sujet sans être un peu personnel.) Partager une expérience ou une opinion avec n’importe quelle drogue, est un acte interpersonnel, comme il me semble, un monde personnel intérieur ou extérieur ..?)

Quand j’étais en première année, mon professeur a amené une caméra vidéo dans la classe un jour. Réglez-le sur le côté droit de tous les enfants, puis zoom sur moi.

On nous a dit que nous allions être à la télé, et que nous devrions continuer comme d’habitude. C’est plus tard que j’ai appris cela; Non, nous ne faisions pas une émission de télévision, mais nous étions étudiés par un “docteur en médecine”.

Et je sais maintenant que ce Docteur a été appelé pour m’étudier.

Après avoir regardé les images de moi avec le Docteur, mes parents et mon professeur; il est devenu clair que j’aimais être social, même au mépris de l’autorité d’un autre.

La semaine suivante, j’ai été informé de la façon dont j’ai un trouble déficitaire de l’attention. Comment cela m’a amené à recourir à un comportement hyperactif et a conseillé qu’il serait préférable pour moi de présenter une “pilule magique” appelée Ritalin qui deviendrait bientôt le tout “Adderall commun, afin de me calmer un peu ..

Cette forme d’amphétamine est manipulatrice d’une hormone importante “épinéphrine”, et par conséquent affecte de nombreuses autres parties du corps: le cerveau, le cœur, le système nerveux, l’estomac, la pression artérielle. L’idée de mettre cela dans le corps d’un enfant de six ans est non seulement ridicule, mais un reflet classique de l’état dans lequel la médecine et la société occidentales ont été fondées sur le front des hommes et des femmes normaux et faillibles.

“Le reste appartient à l’histoire”, disent-ils. Je suis arrivé là où je suis aujourd’hui, ma propre voie sacrée, et je vous aime toujours, mais je pense que nous savons maintenant que le docteur avait tort. La schizophrénie qui s’ensuivit à l’âge adulte pourrait n’être qu’un sous-produit de ma crise de soi”.

La déviance sexuelle, le comportement à risque, le sensationnalisme ou les habitudes addictives peuvent se développer chez tout le monde, bien sûr, mais l’influence de ce médicament sur les jeunes esprits en développement augmente très certainement les probabilités.

Les effets sur mon cerveau et l’être social, la nécessité d’exprimer et de faire des ennuis plus tard, était un sous-produit nécessaire de cette introduction de produits chimiques dans mon être si tôt, Partiellement. Cette distorsion sociale et le malheur de l’ego dont j’ai déjà parlé dans quelques-unes de mes crises d’université sont inévitables et exigent de la polarité. Malheureux pour certains, le paradis pour les autres, mais parfois nous pouvons atterrir au milieu ..

Mais maintenant que je navigue à travers la mer Tyrrhénienne, près du canal sicilien avec un ferry plein d’Aribiques tunisiens, italiens, français, anglais africains et asiatiques, j’ai eu ma réalisation, ma compréhension et mon acceptation de tout cela. Tout est amour, tout va bien.

Là où je suis maintenant, je pense qu’il serait important de ne pas imaginer ce que-si. Le contentement est la clé, Mais j’écris ceci pour vous, pour vos enfants, et pour les médecins, les enseignants qui ne peuvent pas comprendre ..

Ce médicament affecte la façon dont vous prenez les décisions, vos systèmes de réponse «combat ou fuite», votre capacité à socialiser normalement quand vous êtes à l’école, votre appétit et même votre mémoire. Tous ces éléments sont si importants pour maintenir la santé et la sécurité un système social connu et présenté aux enfants / jeunes adultes ..

Je peux maintenant identifier les endroits dans ma vie que cette empreinte de médicament est toujours présente, certains des meilleurs endroits. Quand je prends un micro ou que je me tiens devant une foule .. Quand je mange de la nourriture, quand je lis un livre. Quand je tape un papier, et quand j’essaie de rimer pour vous .. Quand je décide de parler, ou de tenir ma langue.

D’une certaine manière, je poursuis ma queue maintenant, étant donné que je suis certainement passé la partie de ma vie dans laquelle je suis consciemment “une petite merde”.

Je sais maintenant que j’ai du terrain à rattraper, socialement.

J’ai jeté un chat sur une balançoire une fois, pas si divin ..

Mais ces souvenirs étranges et lointains pour moi sont la motivation, la motivation à respirer, la motivation à voir, la motivation à se lever et à danser, la météo ou non que j’ai sur les pantalons kaki.

C’est une drogue sociale, et en tant qu’Américain je dois vous informer que nous sommes socialement contestés. Et maintenant que j’ai lu et oublié d’innombrables parties de livres entiers je peux me permettre de dire que la polarité est même illusoire et relative. Il y a un moyen que nous devrions tous rechercher et nous trouver un peu mal à l’aise.

Hare Krishna

-Avoir Chris

se battre ou s’enfuire?
faux ou juste?
jour ou nuit?
sombre ou lumineux?
gauche ou droite?
Noir ou blanc?


lotta o fuga?
sbagliato o giusto?
giorno o notte?
scuro o luminoso?
sinistra o destra?


Di Christopher Cannon

Lunedì 7 maggio 2018

5,10,25,50,100 ..


(Mi aprirò di nuovo qui. Non posso condividere la mia storia su questo argomento senza diventare un po ‘personale. Condividere un’esperienza o un’opinione con qualsiasi droga, è un atto interpersonale. Come mi sembra, un mondo personale , interno o esterno …?)

Quando ero in prima elementare, il mio insegnante ha portato una videocamera in classe un giorno. Impostalo sul lato destro di tutti i bambini, e poi ingrandisci su di me.

Ci è stato detto che saremmo stati in TV, e che dovremmo continuare come di solito. Più tardi l’ho imparato; no, non stavamo facendo uno show televisivo, ma siamo stati studiati da un “dottore in medicina”.

E ora so che quel Dottore è stato chiamato per studiarmi.

Dopo aver visto il filmato di me stesso con il dottore, i miei genitori e il mio insegnante; è diventato chiaro che mi piaceva essere sociale, anche nel disprezzo dell’autorità di un altro.

La settimana seguente sono stato informato di come ho un disturbo da deficit di attenzione. Come questo mi ha fatto ricorrere a un comportamento iperattivo e consigliato che sarebbe meglio per me introdurre una “pillola magica” chiamata Ritalin che diventerebbe presto il “tutto comune” Adderall, per calmarmi un po ‘..

Questa forma di anfetamina è manipolatrice di un importante ormone “adrenalina” e di conseguenza colpisce molte altre parti del corpo: cervello, cuore, sistema nervoso, stomaco, pressione sanguigna. L’idea di mettere questo nel corpo di un bambino di sei anni non è solo ridicolo, ma una riflessione classica dello stato in cui la medicina e la società occidentali sono state fondate sulla fronte di uomini e donne normali e fallibili.

“Il resto è storia” o così dicono. Sono arrivato qui dove sono oggi, Mio maledetto modo, e ti amo ancora, ma penso che ora sappiamo che il Dottore ha torto. La Schizofrenia che ne deriva nella giovane età adulta potrebbe essere solo un bi-prodotto della mia “crisi di se stesso”.

Devianza sessuale, comportamento a rischio, abitudini sensazionalizzanti o assuefacenti possono svilupparsi in chiunque, certo, ma l’influenza di questo farmaco nelle giovani menti in via di sviluppo aumenta sicuramente le probabilità di questo.

Gli effetti sul mio cervello e sull’essere sociale, la necessità di esprimere e creare guai in seguito, erano un sottoprodotto necessario di questa introduzione di sostanze chimiche nel mio essere così precoce, Parzialmente. Questa distorsione sociale e la sfortuna dell’ego di cui ho parlato prima in alcuni dei miei scoppi universitari sono inevitabili e richiedono polarità. Sfortunato per alcuni, paradiso per gli altri, ma a volte potremmo atterrare nel mezzo …

Ma ora mentre navigo sul Mar Tirreno, avvicinandomi al Canale di Sicilia con un traghetto pieno di gente tunisina aribic, italiana, francese, inglese africana e asiatica, ho avuto la mia comprensione, la mia comprensione e la mia accettazione di tutto questo. Tutto è amore, tutto va bene.

Dove sono ora penso che sarebbe importante non immaginare il what-If. La soddisfazione è la chiave, ma scrivo questo per te, per i tuoi figli e per i dottori, gli insegnanti che potrebbero non capire ..

Questo farmaco influenza il modo in cui prendi decisioni, i tuoi sistemi di risposta “combatti o fuggi”, la tua capacità di socializzare normalmente quando sei a scuola, il tuo appetito e anche la memoria. Tutti questi elencati sono così importanti per mantenere la sanità mentale / razionalità e sicurezza un sistema sociale noto e introdotto ai bambini / giovani adulti ..

Ora posso identificare i luoghi della mia vita che l’impronta di questo farmaco è ancora presente, alcuni dei posti migliori. Quando prendo un microfono o sto di fronte a una folla … Quando mangio il cibo, quando leggo un libro. Quando scrivo un foglio e quando cerco di fare la rima per te … Quando decido di parlare o mi tengo la lingua.

In un certo senso, sto inseguendo la mia coda ora, dato che sono certamente passato la parte della mia vita in cui sono coscientemente “una piccola merda”.

Ora so che ho un po ‘di terreno da recuperare, socialmente.

Ho lanciato un gatto su un’altalena, non così divina ..

Ma questi ricordi strani e lontani per me sono la motivazione, la motivazione a respirare, la motivazione a vedere, la motivazione ad alzarsi e ballare, il tempo o meno che ho su Khaki Pants.

Questa è una droga sociale, e come americano devo informarti che siamo socialmente sfidati … E ora che ho letto e dimenticato innumerevoli parti di interi libri, posso confidare nel dire che la polarità è anche illusoria e relativa. C’è una via di mezzo che tutti dovremmo cercare e trovarci un po ‘a disagio.

Hare Krishna

-Con amore con Chris

lotta o fuga?
sbagliato o giusto?
giorno o notte?
scuro o luminoso?
sinistra o destra?
Nero o bianco?



المكافحة أو الهروب؟
خاطئ أم صحيح؟
ليل ام نهار؟
مظلمة أو ساطعة؟
يسار او يمين؟


بواسطة كريستوفر كانون

الاثنين 7 مايو ، 2018

5،10،25،50،100 ..


(سأفتح هنا مرة أخرى. لا أستطيع مشاركة قصتي حول هذا الموضوع دون أن أكون شخصياً. مشاركة تجربة أو رأي مع أي دواء ، هو تصرف شخصي. كما يبدو لي ، عالم شخصي الداخلية أو الخارجية ..؟)

عندما كنت في الصف الأول جلب أستاذي كاميرا فيديو إلى الفصل الدراسي في يوم واحد. قم بإعداده على الجانب الأيمن من كل الأطفال ، ثم قم بتكبيره.

قيل لنا أننا سنكون على التلفزيون ، وأنه يجب علينا فقط الاستمرار كما نفعل عادة … لقد علمت فيما بعد ذلك ؛ لا ، لم نقم بعمل برنامج تلفزيوني ، ولكننا درسنا من قبل “دكتور في الطب”.

وأنا أعلم الآن أن تم استدعاء هذا الطبيب لدراستي.

بعد مشاهدة لقطات من نفسي مع الطبيب ووالدي ومعلمتي. أصبح من الواضح أنني أحب أن أكون اجتماعيًا ، حتى في ازدراء سلطة شخص آخر ..

في الأسبوع التالي ، تم إخباري بكيفية حدوث اضطراب نقص الانتباه. كيف جعلني هذا يلجأ إلى السلوك المفرط ونصح بأن من الأفضل بالنسبة لي تقديم “حبة سحرية” تسمى ريتالين والتي ستصبح قريبًا كل شيء مشترك “أديرال ، من أجل تهدئتي قليلاً ..

هذا الشكل من الأمفيتامين يتلاعب بهرمون مهم “إبينفرين” ، ونتيجة لذلك يؤثر على أجزاء أخرى كثيرة من الجسم: الدماغ والقلب والجهاز العصبي والمعدة وضغط الدم. إن فكرة وضع هذا في جسد طفل عمره ست سنوات ليس أمراً سخيفاً فحسب ، بل هو انعكاس كلاسيكي للحالة التي تم فيها تأسيس الطب والمجتمع الغربيين على جبين الرجال والنساء الطبيعيين والخطئين.

“الباقي هو التاريخ” أو هكذا يقولون. وصلت إلى هنا حيث أكون أنا اليوم ، طريقتي الخاصة ، وما زلت أحبك ، لكن أعتقد أننا نعرف الآن أن الطبيب كان على خطأ … إن الفصام الذي تلا ذلك في مرحلة الشباب قد يكون مجرد منتج ثنائي من “أزمة الذات”.

الانحراف الجنسي ، وسلوك المخاطرة ، والعادات المثيرة للإدمان أو الإدمان يمكن أن تتطور في أي شخص ، بالتأكيد ، ولكن تأثير هذا الدواء في العقول النامية الناشئة يزيد بالتأكيد من احتمالات هذا.

كان تأثير ذلك على الدماغ والوجود الاجتماعي ، والحاجة للتعبير عن المشاكل وجعلها في وقت لاحق ، نتيجة ثانوية ضرورية لمقدمة المواد الكيميائية هذه لكوني مبكراً جداً ، جزئياً. هذا التشويش الاجتماعي ونكهة الأنا التي تحدثت عنها من قبل في عدد قليل من ثورتي الجامعية لا يمكن تجنبها وتتطلب قطبية. لسوء الحظ لبعض ، والسماء للآخرين ، ولكن في بعض الأحيان أننا قد تهبط في الوسط ..

ولكن الآن عندما أبحري عبر البحر التيراني ، بالقرب من قناة صقلية مع عبّارة مليئة بالأوغية التونسية والإيطالية والفرنسية والإنجليزية الإفريقية والآسيوية ، كان لدي إدراك وفهمتي وموافقي على كل هذا. كل شيء حب ، كل شيء على ما يرام.

أين أنا الآن أعتقد أنه سيكون من المهم عدم تخيل ماذا لو. الرضا هو المفتاح ، لكني أكتب هذا لك ولأطفالك وللأطباء ، المعلمون الذين قد لا يفهمون ..

يؤثر هذا الدواء على كيفية اتخاذ القرارات ، أو أنظمة الاستجابة “للقتال أو الهروب” ، أو قدرتك على الاختلاط بشكل طبيعي عند ارتفاعك في المدرسة ، وشهيتك وحتى ذاكرتك .. وكل هذه الأشياء المدرجة مهمة للغاية للحفاظ على السلامة / العقلانية والأمن في نظام اجتماعي معروف ومعروف للأطفال / الشباب البالغين ..

يمكنني الآن تحديد الأماكن في حياتي التي لا تزال بها هذه البصمة الدوائية ، وبعض أفضل الأماكن. عندما ألتقط ميكروفونًا أو أقف أمام حشد من الناس. عندما أتناول الطعام ، عندما أقرأ كتابًا. عندما أكتب ورقة ، وعندما أحاول قافية لك .. عندما قررت أن أتكلم ، أو عقد لساني.

بطريقة أنا مطاردة ذيل بلدي الآن ، ويجري ذلك أنا بالتأكيد الماضي جزء من حياتي الذي أنا واعية “شيت قليلا”.

أعلم الآن أن لديّ بعض الأساس للتعويض اجتماعيًا.

أنا رميت قطة على مجموعة المتأرجحة مرة واحدة ،، ليس هكذا الإلهية ..

لكن هذه الذكريات الغريبة والبعيدة عني هي الدافع ، الدافع للتنفس ، الدافع إلى الرؤية ، التحفيز على النهوض والرقص ، الطقس ، أو عدم امتلاكه على بنطلونات الكاكي.

هذا دواء اجتماعي ، وبصفتي أمريكياً ، يجب أن أخبرك بأننا نواجه تحديًا اجتماعيًا. والآن بعد أن قرأت ونسيت أجزاء لا حصر لها من كتب كاملة ، يمكنني أن أجزم بالقول إن الاستقطاب هو أمر خادع ونسبي. هناك طريقة متوسطة يجب علينا جميعًا أن نسعى إليها ونجد أنفسنا غير مرتاحين بها.

هير كريشنا

مع الحب كريس

المكافحة أو الهروب؟
خاطئ أم صحيح؟
ليل ام نهار؟
مظلمة أو ساطعة؟
يسار او يمين؟
ابيض أم اسود؟
almukafahat ‘aw alhurub?
khati ‘am sahih?
layl ‘am nahar?
muzalimat ‘aw satieat?
yasar ‘aw yamyn?


bwastt kristufar kanun

alaithnayn 7 mayu , 2018

5،10،25،50،100 ..


(is’aftah huna marat akhra. la ‘astatie musharakat qusatay hawl hdha almwdwe dun ‘an ‘akun shkhsyaan. musharakat tajribat ‘aw ray mae ‘ayi diwa’ , hu tasrif shakhsiun. kama ybdw li , ealam shakhsi alddakhiliat ‘aw alkharijia ..?)

eindama kunt fi alsafi al’awal jalb ‘astadhi kamira fidyu ‘iilaa alfasl aldirasii fi yawm wahidin. qum bi’iiedadih ealaa aljanib al’ayman min kuli al’atfal , thuma qum bitakbirih.

qil lana ‘anana sanakun ealaa altilfizyun , wa’anah yajib ealayna faqat alaistimrar kama nafeal eadatan … laqad ealimt fima baed dhlk ; la , lm naqum bieamal barnamaj tilfizyuniin , walakunana darsuna min qibal “dkutur fi altb”.

wa’ana ‘aelam alan ‘an tama aistidea’ hdha altabib lidarasati.

baed mushahadat liqutat min nafsi mae altabib wawalidi wamaelimti. ‘asbah min alwadh ‘anani ‘ahibu ‘an ‘akun ajtmaeyana , hataa fi aizdira’ sultat shakhs akhar ..

fi al’usbue alttali , tama ‘iikhbariun bikayfiat huduth aidtirab naqs alaintibahi. kayf jaealani hdha yalja ‘iilaa alsuluk almufrit wanasih bi’ana min al’afdal balnsbt li taqdim “hbat shry” tusamaa ritalayn walati satusbah qrybana kula shay’ mushtarak “adiral , min ajl tahdiatiin qlylaan ..

hadha alshakl min al’amfitamin yatalaeab bihirmun muhimun “‘ibinfrin” , wanatijat ldhlk yuathir ealaa ‘ajza’ ‘ukhraa kathirat min aljsm: aldimagh walqalb waljihaz aleasabii walmueadat wadaght aldum. ‘iina fikrat wade hdha fi jasad tifl eumruh st sanawat lays amraan skhyfaan fahasb , bal hu aineikas klasikiun lilhalat alty tama fiha tasis altibi walmujtamae algharbiiyn ealaa jabiyn alrijal walnisa’ altabieiiyn walkhatyiyn.

“alibaqiu hu altaarikha” ‘aw hkdha yaquluna. wasalat ‘iilaa huna hayth ‘akun ‘ana alyawm , tariqatay alkhasat , wama zilt ‘ahbak , lkn ‘aetaqid ‘anana naerif alan ‘ana altabib kan ealaa khata … ‘iina alfasam aldhy tala dhlk fi marhalat alshabab qad yakun mjrd muntij thunayiyin min “azimat aldhaat”.

alainhiraf aljinsiu , wasuluk almukhatarat , waleadat almuthirat lil’iidman ‘aw al’iidman ymkn ‘an tatatawar fi ‘ayi shakhs , bialtaakid , walakun tathir hdha aldiwa’ fi aleuqul alnnamiat alnnashiat yazid bialtaakid min aihtimalat hadha. kan tathir dhlk ealaa aldimagh walwujud alaijtimaeii , walhajat liltaebir ean almashakil wajaealaha fi waqt lahiq , natijatan thanawiat daruriatan limuqadamat almawadi alkimiayiyat hadhih lakuniin mbkraan jdaan , jzyyaan. hdha altashwish alaijtimaeii wanakhat al’ana alty tahadathat eanha min qibal fi eadad qalil min thurati aljamieiat la yumkin tajanubuha watatatalab qatbia. lisu’ alhazi libaed , walsama’ lilakhirin , walakun fi bed al’ahyan ‘anana qad tahbit fi alwasat ..

walakun alan eindama ‘abhari eabr albahr altiyranii , bialqurb min qanat sqlyt mae ebbart maliyat bial’awghiat altuwnisiat wal’iitaliat walfaransiat wal’iinjliziat al’iifriqiat walasiawiat , kan ladaya ‘iidrak wafihmatiun wamuafiqiun ealaa kl hadha. kula shay’ hubun , kulu shay’ ealaa ma yaram.

‘ayn ‘ana alan ‘aetaqid ‘anah sayakun min almuhimi edm takhayul madhaan lu. alridda hu almufatah , likani ‘aktib hdha lak wali’atfalik walil’atba’ , almuealimun aladhin qad la yafhamun ..

yuathir hdha aldiwa’ ealaa kayfiat aitikhadh alqararat , ‘aw ‘anzimat alaistijaba “lliqital ‘aw alhrub” , ‘aw qudratak ealaa alaikhtilat bishakl tabieiin eind airtifaeik fi almadrasat , washhitk wahataa dhakiratik .. wakulu hadhih al’ashya’ almudrajat muhimatan lilghayat lilhifaz ealaa alsalamat / aleuqlaniat wal’amn fi nizam aijtimaeiin maeruf wamaeruf lil’atfal / alshabab albalighin ..

ymknny alan tahdid al’amakin fi hayati alty la tazal biha hadhih albismat aldiwayiyat , wabaed ‘afdal al’amakin. eindama ‘altaqitu mykrwfwnana ‘aw ‘aqaf ‘amam hashd min alnaas. eindama ‘atanawal altaeam , eindama ‘aqra ktabana. eindama ‘aktub waraqatan , waeindama ‘uhawil qafiatan lak .. eindama qararat ‘an ‘atakalam , ‘aw eaqd lisani.

bitariqat ‘ana mutaradat dhil baladay alan , wayujri dhlk ‘ana bialtaakid almadi juz’ min hayati aldhy ‘ana waeia “shyat qalila”.

‘aelam alan ‘ana ldy bed al’asas liltaewid ajtmaeyana.

‘ana ramayt qutatan ealaa majmueat almuta’arjihat maratan wahidatan ,, lays hkdhaan al’iilhia ..

lkn hadhih aldhakriat algharibat walbaeidat eaniy hi alddafie , alddafie liltanafus , alddafie ‘iilaa alruwyat , altahfiz ealaa alnuhud walraqs , altaqs , ‘aw edm aimtilakih ealaa bintlunat alkaki.

hadha diwa’ aijtimaeiun , wabisifatay amrykyaan , yjb ‘an ‘ukhbirak bi’anana nuajih thdyana ajtmaeyana. walan baed ‘an qarat wanasiat ‘ajza’an la hasr laha min kutib kamilat , yumkinuni ‘an ‘ujzum bialqawl ‘iina alaistiqtab hu ‘amr khadie wanisbiun. hunak tariqat mutawasitat yjb ealayna jmyeana ‘an naseaa ‘iilayha wanajid ‘anfusina ghyr murtahin biha.

hayr karishuna

mae alhabi kris

almukafahat ‘aw alhurub?
khati ‘am sahih?
layl ‘am nahar?
muzalimat ‘aw satieat?
yasar ‘aw yamyn?
‘abyada ‘am aswd?






5,10,25,50,100 ..























Zhàndòu huò táopǎo?
Cuòwù háishì zhèngquè?
Báitiān háishì wǎnshàng?
Hēi’àn háishì míngliàng?
Zuǒ háishì yòu?




yóu kèlǐsītuōfú kǎn nóng

2018 nián 5 yuè 7 rì xīngqí yī



(Wǒ jiāng zàicì zài zhèlǐ kāifàng, wǒ bùnéng fēnxiǎng wǒ de gùshì guānyú zhège zhǔtí, méiyǒu yīdiǎn sīrén de gǎnshòu, yǔ rènhé yàowù fēnxiǎng jīngyàn huò yìjiàn, shì yīzhǒng rénjì xíngwéi, zài wǒ kàn lái, gèrén shìjiè, nèibù huò wàibù..?)

Dāng wǒ yī niánjí shí, wǒ de lǎoshī yǒu yītiān dàile yī tái shèxiàngjī jìnrù kètáng. Bǎ tā fàng zài suǒyǒu háizi de yòubiān, ránhòu fàngdà wǒ.

Wǒmen bèi gàozhī wǒmen jiāngyào zài diànshì shàng bòfàng, érqiě wǒmen yīnggāi xiàng wǎngcháng yīyàng jìxù bòfàng. Hòulái wǒ cái zhīdào zhè yīdiǎn. Bù, wǒmen méiyǒu zhìzuò diànshì jiémù, dàn zhèngzài jiēshòu “yīxué bóshì” de yánjiū.

Wǒ xiànzài zhīdào nàgè yīshēng bèi yāoqǐng lái yánjiū wǒ.

Zài yǔ yīshēng, wǒ de fùmǔ hé wǒ de lǎoshī guānkànle wǒ zìjǐ de shìpín hòu, hěn míngxiǎn, wǒ xǐhuān zuò shèjiāo, jíshǐ mièshì tārén de quánwēi.

Jiē xiàlái de yīzhōu, wǒ bèi gàozhī wǒ shì rúhé huàn yǒu zhùyì lì quēxiàn zhèng de. Zhè shì rúhé yǐnqǐ wǒ sù zhū guòdù huóyuè de xíngwéi, bìng jiànyì wǒ zuì hǎo yǐnjìn yīzhǒng míng wèi lìtā lín de “mófǎ yàowán”, zhè jiāng hěn kuài chéngwéi suǒyǒu chángjiàn de “ā dé dé lā ěr, wèile ràng wǒ píngjìng xiàlái.

Zhè zhǒng xíngshì de ān fēi tā míng duì yīzhǒng zhòngyào de jīsù “shènshàngxiàn sù” qǐ zuòyòng, bìng yīncǐ yǐngxiǎng shēntǐ de xǔduō qítā bùfèn: Dànǎo, xīnzàng, shénjīng xìtǒng, wèi, xiěyā. Bǎ zhège fàng dào liù suì xiǎohái shēnshang de xiǎngfǎ bùjǐn shì huāngmiù de, érqiě shì xīfāng yīxué hé shèhuì jiànlì zài zhèngcháng, yì fàn cuòwù de nánrén hé nǚrén méimáo shàng de zhuàngtài de diǎnxíng fǎnyìng.

“Shèng xià de jiùshì lìshǐ” huòzhě tāmen shuō. Wǒ jīntiān lái dàole zhèlǐ, wǒ zìjǐ gāisǐ de fāngshì, wǒ réngrán ài nǐ, dàn wǒ rènwéi wǒmen xiànzài zhīdào yīshēng shì cuòwù de. Suíhòu de qīngchūnqí chéngrén jīngshén fēnliè zhèng kěnéng zhǐshì wǒ de “wéijī zhī zhōng de shuāngchóng chǎnwù” zì”.

Dāngrán, xìng èyì, màoxiǎn xíngwéi, shāndòng xìng huò lìng rén shàngyǐn de xíguàn dōu kěyǐ zài rènhé rén shēnshang fāzhǎn, dàn zhè zhǒng yàowù zài niánqīng rén xīnzhōng de yǐngxiǎng lì kěndìng huì zēngjiā zhè zhǒng kěnéng xìng.

Duì wǒ de dànǎo hé shèhuì cúnzài de yǐngxiǎng, yǐhòu xūyào biǎodá hé zhìzào máfan, shì zhè zhǒng huàxué pǐn yǐnrù wǒ de zhème zǎo, bùfèn shì bìyào de fùchǎnpǐn. Zài wǒ de dàxué bàofā zhōng, wǒ zhīqián tánguò de zhè zhǒng shèhuì niǔqū hé zìwǒ bùxìng shì bùkě bìmiǎn de, bìngqiě yāoqiú jíxìng. Bùxìng de shì, yǒuxiē rén wéi le biérén de tiāntáng, dàn yǒu shíhòu wǒmen kěnéng huì zài zhōngjiān jiàngluò.

Dàn xiànzài, dāng wǒ shǐguò dì lēi ní ānhǎi, kàojìn chōngmǎn túnísī ālǐ bǐ qí, yìdàlì, fàguó, yīngguó fēizhōu hé yàzhōu rén de dùkǒu zài xīxīlǐ hǎixiá fùjìn shí, wǒ tǐhuì dàole wǒ de lǐjiě, bìng jiēshòule suǒyǒu zhèxiē. Suǒyǒu shì ài, yīqiè dōu hěn hǎo.

Wǒ xiànzài zài nǎlǐ, wǒ rènwéi zhòngyào de shì bùyào xiǎngxiàng shénme – rúguǒ shì. Zhīzú shì guānjiàn, dàn wǒ wèi nǐ xiě, wèi nǐ de háizi, wèi yīshēng, kěnéng bù dǒng de lǎoshī xiě xìn.

Zhè zhǒng yàowù huì yǐngxiǎng nǐ rúhé zuòchū juédìng, nǐ de “zhàndòu huò táopǎo” fǎnyìng xìtǒng, nǐ zài gāo zhòng shí de shèjiāo nénglì, shíyù shènzhì jìyìlì. Suǒyǒu zhèxiē dōu duì bǎochí jiànkāng/lǐxìng hé ānquán zhì guān zhòngyào. Yīgè yǐ zhī bìng jièshào gěi értóng/niánqīng rén de shèhuì xìtǒng.

Wǒ xiànzài kěyǐ quèdìng wǒ shēnghuó zhōng zhèxiē yàowù zújì réngrán cúnzài dì dìfāng, yīxiē zuì hǎo dì dìfāng. Dāng wǒ ná qǐ màikèfēng huò zhàn zài rénqún qián shí. Dāng wǒ chī dōngxī shí, dāng wǒ kànshū shí. Dāng wǒ shūrù zhǐzhāng, dāng wǒ chángshì wèi nǐ yāyùn shí. Dāng wǒ juédìng shuōhuà, huò wò zhù wǒ de shétou.

Zài mǒu zhǒng chéngdù shàng, wǒ xiànzài zhèngzài zhuīzhú wǒ de wěibā, yīnwèi wǒ quèshí yǐjīngguòle wǒ shēnghuó zhōng de yībùfèn, zài nàlǐ wǒ yǒu yìshí dì chéngwéi “yīgè xiǎo pì hái”.

Wǒ xiànzài zhīdào, wǒ yǒu yīxiē jīchǔ lái míbǔ, zài shèjiāo shàng.

Wǒ bǎ yī zhī māo rēngle yīcì bǎidòng, bùshì nàme shénshèng.

Dànshì, duì wǒ ér yán, zhèxiē qíguài ér yáoyuǎn de huíyì shì dòngjī, hūxī de dònglì, kàn dào de dòngjī, qǐchuáng hé tiàowǔ de dòngjī, yǐjí wǒ zài kǎqí kù shàng de tiānqì yǔ fǒu.

Zhè shì yīzhǒng shèhuì dúpǐn, zuòwéi yī míng měiguó rén, wǒ bìxū gàosù nǐ, wǒmen shòudàole shèhuì de tiǎozhàn. Xiànzài wǒ yǐ jīng yuèdú bìng wàngjìle zhěng běnshū de wúshù bùfèn, wǒ kěyǐ xiāngxìn, jíxìng shènzhì shì xūhuàn hé xiāngduì de. Wǒmen dōu yīnggāi nǔlì zhǎodào yītiáo zhōng jiàn dàolù, bìng fāxiàn zìjǐ yǒudiǎn bú shūfú.

Kèlì xū nà jiàopài (yìndùjiào

– dàizhe ài kè lǐsī

zhàndòu huò táopǎo?
Cuòwù háishì zhèngquè?
Báitiān háishì wǎnshàng?
Hēi’àn háishì míngliàng?
Zuǒ háishì yòu?
Hēi huò bái?