New Video Promoting my next self Published Album!

Third Party  


Music related thoughts:   It’z nice having this for you, but the goal is to get these songs to you..   Just a little update on Spotify, I have not checked much else..   Spotify monthly listeners for this first month of “Hidden Features” = 126 Followers=23 where people are listening= Helsinki, FI , Stockholm,Continue reading “Musicly”


          So Third Party is amazing to me.. It utilizes the “Fair use policy” allowing some audio samples from The spoken Arts Treasury to slip in there.. as well as some Monty Python here In Track9- Rhythm Method This was made at a very Challenging/turbulent time in my life.. I haveContinue reading “Tp.Explination”

Look back #473

  My friend Landon is great at entertaining me and keeping me challenged musically/intellectually. Jared was distant but a friend. I could talk to Jared.. we did a lot together growing up in and out of school.. We were in the same halls, with the same kids, adults, cameras. Jonathan Bree is on the musicContinue reading “Look back #473”