At first glance, Nasdaq-listed Bilibili is going gangbusters. The Shanghai-based site is set for a $2 billion secondary listing in Hong Kong, it’s become one of China’s most popular video-sharing platforms, and it’s making big moves into other areas like gaming. But it’s in trouble back home: Tens of thousands of women are boycotting and sanctioning the serviceContinue reading “Gangbusters”

STASIS | Nihil Impvlse | Eighth Tower Records

STASIS by Nihil Impvlse, released 17 December 2020 1. Krankheitsfelder 2. Psychik Plague 3. Thanatological Singularity 4. Zeitgeist Penthotal 5. A Prison Within A Prison 6. Prophets Of Fall 7. To All Our Futures These Ruins Shall Return A deposition of cold electronics and harsh frequencies to testify to the perpetual stagnation of reality. NothingContinue reading “STASIS | Nihil Impvlse | Eighth Tower Records”

Day Two

Day two:  I busted open my head next to my eye last night when I thought a spider had landed on my back as I was eating. It was only fly..  Nevertheless my irrational fear of these tiny arachnids brought out some blood on my first night. Maybe if I wasn’t eating on the bed,Continue reading “Day Two”

Ziongita, or maybe just an animal rescue..

Day One: …Amazing, the Greenery towers as I travel further into the Everglades. I feel like I’m getting more and more truth. As the bearded faces of each tree passes… Their palmy excellence reveal you to me as I pass. Each one of you.. No wood could stack itself circumferentially around trees like this, atContinue reading “Ziongita, or maybe just an animal rescue..”


के बारे में: इसलिए “थर्ड पार्टी” मेरे लिए अद्भुत है। यह “फेयर यूज पॉलिसी” का इस्तेमाल करता है, जिसमें बोले गए आर्ट ट्रेजरी के कुछ ऑडियो सैंपल को वहां खिसकने की अनुमति दी गई है। साथ ही कुछ मोंटी पायथन यहाँ – ‘रिदम विधि’ में -मेरी माँ के लिए यह मेरे जीवन में एक बहुतContinue reading “Hindi”

Third Party

less bugs

“World Music”

I need the ocean, I need the rocks, I need the new people constantly. I need back three of my four favorite socks..         Hi, Just here Listening to “Root Swahili” here in Ohio.. If you had a few minutes  I wanted to recap/explain my-self..   So my main motivation to goContinue reading ““World Music””