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I thought this was hilarious, I stopped putting pressure on myself so much because Im supposed to be having fun with Making music..

Chinese sounds with American Hype!!

I also want to apologize for my Newsfeed on here, somehow facebook has become important to me, maybe Its just because Im not on twitter anymore..
But I know as the Political season heats up I am losing some of your attention, It will be really just Music/Bernie Sanders/and space or discovery related posts from here on out..

This was fun/ new music







So Third Party is amazing to me.. It utilizes the “Fair use policy” allowing some audio samples from The spoken Arts Treasury to slip in there..
as well as some Monty Python here In Track9- Rhythm Method

This was made at a very Challenging/turbulent time in my life..

I have always been close to my parents, But my personality developed away from these figures in high school and collage…

The songs: Track5,Track 6, Track7, and Track 8 on this album are dedicated to them and my sister I guess!!

that feature the fragments of this poem from the Spoken arts Treasury’s site are of particular emotional significance to me..

It elaborates on how we all have another us while we are alone, and how when we are together we are just right/ but challenged and distant..

I am sorry Mom and Dad! You saved me tho!
Love Chris




Third Party

Stop this!! do not be afraid of yourself.. try to re-learn to love your self..

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less bugs

Selma’s Airbnb

Selma Mohammed (Airbnb)

Seif, Selma, Imen Mohammed and their lovely daughter turned out to be the highlight of my trip.. their link is here: ((

My trip to Tunis, Tunisia was not expected or planned out particularly well.. One evening In a crunch I sent out several messages on Airbnb. Concerned for my feet, head and belly in the coming night it was not looking too good..

Sure enough as I walk around the city center of Tunis with A new friend I receive my call from Seif. He asks me If I am alright and when he should be expecting me. In the following weeks I would experience this family, and their uniquely Arabic hospitality unlike anything that had yet to experience. His mother was particularly sweet and generous, she taught me several words/phrases in arabic and french (Being American.. and Extremely English, this was a great social experience. As well as a great opportunity to learn new language and traditions.

Located in Le Kram, with three open beds and a large common/living room It seems like these Tunisian Natives have been catering to the community for longer than I have been alive perhaps.

So now that I have met them and seen what they are about, I would recommend them to you as a friend and a host. If you are looking for a place to explore Tunis has a ice cross between African, Arabic, French and Italian cultures. I personally only got as far as Sousse, But I hope to go back and visit them again Seif has told me of an Uncle that lived closer to where they filmed Star Wars.

Selma and Seif also have family deeper into Tunisia..  Douz was also an option for travel/ touring. Seif told me several times that they regularly go to visit, and that it as rather spectacular!!Se;

“World Music”

I need the ocean,
I need the rocks,
I need the new people constantly.
I need back three of my four favorite socks..





Hi, Just here Listening to “Root Swahili” here in Ohio..

If you had a few minutes  I wanted to recap/explain my-self..


So my main motivation to go to Italy in the first place would have been a combination of social distortion, and a terrible lack of exposure artistically/creatively/professionally..

I was studying Radio and Television in Indiana for about 5 and a half years, taking a semester off in 2014 and again in 2015.

With the deaths of Three of my Grandparents in a three year period on my mind, dealing with my “Social self” had quickly become a challenge..

I justified this to many more sober people by pointing out the “ills” of the world/ people today.

I read books that were too heavy, I was confused and felt like I had nobody to ask these questions..

While I stumbled along barely keeping myself out of Jail.

Barely keeping myself sane.

I simply “was my own worst enemy” as they say..

I need the ocean, I need the rocks, I need the new people constantly.

I need back three of my four favorite socks..


And still.


But thank God for the many people around me, the dog I stole from Barron, and many motivators in music/art/school..

They guide me still and I am sorry for my foolish behavior, but I just seem to enjoy Fooling around..

(End Justification Segment)

(Begin Music Recap/ Explanation)

Shooom!! Beeewwwowowowowoow…. ploooop!

So I Had started making music in Logic Pro x Before I left in March.

After “Antarā”  I realized that It was way bigger than me, and that I should keep motivating myself by making music like this,,

Most of the other music I have been making is abstract soundscapes/and Introductions for Tv Shows.. , in so many words..

My hope to work with people more senior to me in this Television Paradigm is still a well fueled fire burning inside me.. one of my main goal(s). Besides sharing joy/humor, being healthy and Being with Krishna/Jesus/Nature. (These often contradict)

I can not animate, so thats why I was doing these weirder songs, I was and still am hoping to go back and use them For animated bits/Tv shows..

Thats the theme of “”Indiana Buckley”” by the way.. I’ll explain that in a few days with another post..

But as I got more comfortable and tried to teach myself how To work Logic Pro x

I started to get “The Wiggles”..

First In Napoli: I was working on “Logibol” and using that music for short videos basically at the same time, with both programs open at the same time,, lol I know this is not best, but I am not the best.

anyways ..

Open Mango

I was shown around by my friend Allyson and met a few other new friends, saw some bello bop..etc..

A Garibaldi Intro

(Trees)In Napoli


Redman In Logibol

All were made In Italy, as well as:

As It was(Video)

(Tunis Self)


At this point I had made the trip to Africa, With the “Logibol” music finished, I was ready to Work on African/American mashups.. Music.. Video work.. Root Swahili.. My expectations of this culture/part of North Africa were a bit off..

As it was.. lol

Tunis self

Tunis Self(Intro)– Didn’t turn out as Is should due to a mysterious encounter on my computer resulting in vanishing files.. oh well..

(just gotta shake your fist and be on your way..)

Street View

Then In Tunis I met Tarek

and we spoke and went fishing.. I have blogged about Tarek story before.

Tareks Dream

Roof Talk

After meeting Oumayma and Aya I was able to work on a project for Aya’s University, A cancer awareness advertisement, noted that the youtube version of this is not actually the final one that she used for her project. But I was really excited about this one because I was able to include my host Seif and his Young daughter, both very awesome people..

Aya’s Project

also I had fun with this one because It was the first short video where I made the music for the video before the video, which I normally do the opposite..

As I headed back, I was so motivated by the Vocals/Thoughtfulness of Björk and Edward Murrow, That I got The wiggles again on the Ferry..


The Younger

and finally as I got back to Ohio I was able to finish the “Root Swahili” album and start on another??


have a great day!!